Saturday, August 18, 2012

BLOOD PRESSURE re-post update.

2012 August 15  from G. Edward       Griffin

 My       blood pressure update.

About six weeks ago, I sent an email message to       Unfiltered News subscribers telling of a nutritional supplement       called ProArgi-9+ that had impressed me for its ability to protect       against circulatory disorders, including heart attack and stroke. It       contains an amino acid, called L-Arginine, plus several powerful       anti-oxidants. In the walls of arteries, L-Arginine triggers the formation       of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide relaxes blood vessels, producing an       immediate but short-term beneficial effect. The anti-oxidants help to       eliminate the cause of plaque buildup inside the arteries, producing a       delayed but long-term beneficial effect. This combined action is       powerful.

If you did not see my original announcement or if you       would like to re-examine the scientific rationale behind this process, it       is repeated at the bottom of this email.

When I was interviewed on       camera regarding ProArgi-9+, I said that I had recently started       taking the product and promised to report what effect it would have on my       blood pressure as time goes by. Exactly 100 days after I began this       supplement – even though I adhered only about 70% to my planned regimen of       four scoops per day – my blood pressure had dropped forty points – and was       still going down. As with most people who work under stress, my blood       pressure varies from day to day but, on the day I started taking this       supplement, it was 177 over 94! When I checked on the one-hundredth day,       it was 137 over 79.  Here is the record since then. The next entry       will be made in about two weeks, and I will continue to publish the       results.

Diastolic and Systolic:

2012/03/04 ~ 177  ~  94

2012/06/14 ~ 137 ~ 79

2012/07/07 ~ 126 ~ 79

2012/07/31 ~ 124 ~ 80

If you are concerned about high blood pressure, heart attacks, and strokes but want to avoid the side       effects of pharmaceutical drugs that commonly are prescribed for these       conditions, you should consider ProArgi-9+. The company tells me       that customers who purchased the product in response to my first       announcement already are coming back for re-orders. By the way, if you are       one of those customers, please let us know what your experience has been,       so we can pass the word to others. Send your comments to      

You can learn more or place an order here.      


I first became       interested in the non-drug treatment of chronic diseases in the 1970s,       which led to the publication of my book, World without Cancer; The       Story of Vitamin B17. Since then, I have tried to keep up with the       latest research and product development in the field of natural health. At       one time, I helped to formulate several nutritional supplements that       proved to be effective in controlling hypoglycemia and even       cardio-vascular disorders. I thought I was well informed on these topics       but, in retrospect, I had much to learn.

After a public       presentation in Boston recently, a young man introduced himself to me and       gave me a brochure on a therapy for circulatory disorders. His name was       Craig Newhouse, and he said this therapy was a medical breakthrough. I was       inclined to slough it off as just another marketing pitch based more on       hype than science. After all, I thought I knew "all that stuff." If there       had been a medical breakthrough, surely, I would have heard about       it.

When I returned to my hotel room, I glanced at the brochure       again expecting to quickly toss it into the round file – but, to my       surprise, I didn't see anything that looked like hype. I didn't see any of       the expected claims of subjective results, such as "My energy improved,"       or "I felt better immediately." Instead, I read that the results of       this therapy are measured by hard numbers produced by mechanical devices       that test blood pressure and oxidative stress, not subjective feelings of well being.       And I read that the man who discovered the biological process upon which this therapy is       based received the Nobel Prize in Medicine for       his work. At       the center of this process was a compound naturally produced in the body,       called Nitric Oxide (NO) – and I had not heard about any of this before.       My first thought was that NO was a toxic pollutant. I had no knowledge of       its role in human health.

That captured my attention and, after I       returned from my tour, I checked the Internet, primarily looking for       negative comments, expecting to find "I tried this and it doesn't work,"       or "It's pure bunk based on junk science." To my surprise, there was none       of that. Instead, I found reviews by people with excellent scientific       credentials all saying pretty much what was stated in the brochure, except       in more detail.

Next, I obtained several books on the topic,       including The Cardiovascular Cure, by John P. Cooke, M.D., Ph.D.       (Director of Vascular Medicine at Stanford Medical School), and No More       Heart Disease, by Louis Ignarro, Ph.D., professor of pharmacology at       the UCLA School of Medicine (the Noble Prize winner who discovered the       role played by Nitric Oxide in the vascular system). I was impressed by       the science behind this therapy and, because of that, I was more willing       to consider the impressive testimonials.

The next step was to try the product for myself.       Exactly 100 days after I began taking this supplement – even though I       adhered only about 70% to my planned regimen of four scoops per day – my       blood pressure had dropped forty points – and was still going       down.

I am convinced that this therapy is effective in combating       cardiovascular disease and I feel confident recommending it to others,       especially those over forty. If you would like to learn more, click on the       link below and watch a short video.